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From Concept to Crowdfunding

For campaign leaders

Big ideas start with YOU.

UCrowdfund is a platform for members of the University of Calgary community to raise funds and awareness for the innovative projects they are working on. Teams will amplify their vision across their networks, online through emails and social media, in person, and through traditional channels — encouraging individuals to donate with further encouragement to donate through social sharing.

Before you start

Crowdfunding is only successful with a passionate team dedicated to put in time on the project.

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Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by an administrator with instructions on how to proceed with your campaign.

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For donors

Donors can support one project or several projects at a time. To find the campaign you would like to support, go to the current campaign page and search for the name of the campaign. One hundred per cent of your gift will benefit the program you support. In the event that a project goal isn’t met, the team will still receive all of the funds donated to go towards their project. After making your gift, spread the word and share your support via social media!