Bringing Global Health Home

2021 Marguerite Schumacher Memorial Alumni Lecture

Date: Oct. 2, 2021

Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Delivery: Online

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us nothing else, it is that global health is inseparable from local health. "Think globally, act locally” is no longer just a phrase to use when speaking about the environment. This concept helps us all to enact a more compassionate and thoughtful understanding of the health of our neighbours and humanity in general. Shifting perspective can help health-care practitioners — particularly nurses — be more influential as leaders in their own backyard.   

Join us as three internationally-experienced registered nurses reflect on what they have learned working away from home and how it has helped them adapt to where — and how — they work now. 

Marguerite Schumacher Memorial Alumni Lecture 

The Marguerite Schumacher Memorial Alumni Lecture is an annual event in memory of Marguerite Schumacher (1920-2013), first dean of the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary (1974–1979). The event celebrates inspirational UCalgary Nursing alumni leaders. 

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Meet the Speakers

Heather Bensler, BN’97, is an instructor and global health lead with UCalgary Nursing. Prior to joining the university, she worked for three years in South America with the Indigenous People’s Technology & Education Centre where she developed medical training programs for Indigenous leaders. In her role as global health lead, she helps to create international@home clinical placements.

Arsheen Dhalla, BN’10, is an RN and founder of the Daraja Foundation, a Canadian and Tanzanian charity focused on supporting and empowering women and youth in Zanzibar. Arsheen led the implementation of Zanzibar’s first transition house for people aging out of a local orphanage. The project helps them improve their health and learn wellness and coping strategies through education and mentorship. Arsheen received a 2016 UCalgary Arch Award for her work.

Jacqueline Wilson, BN’18, is a PhD student at UCalgary Nursing, where she also completed her bachelor's degree. Her nursing practice has seen her work in urban hospitals in Whitehorse and Uganda where she studied global perinatal health as a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholar. Jacqueline’s clinical experiences have fueled her passion for patient-oriented research and exploring how patients and families can have meaningful input in health service decisions and evaluation.

Masira Baloch, BN’10, is a critical care ER nurse at Peter Lougheed Centre and a humanitarian nurse with Doctors Without Borders.

She has worked as a registered nurse in four countries. In Canada, aside from hospital settings, she has provided remote nursing services to Indigenous communities through Health Canada at Fox Lake, Alta. She is a nature-lover who enjoys catching up with family and friends and reading biographies of inspiring individuals.