Grow Your Career Conference

Keynote presentation with Eric Termuende, BComm’14

One Degree Shift: building an intentional future

9:15 – 10:30 a.m.

We make 35,000 decisions a day. Most of the time, however, our decisions are unconscious, and research shows that we usually rely on irrational biases when we do decide—biases that are not always in our best interests. Our choices feel as if they are forced upon us by our work, life, and social environment, and so we end up staying on the same paths even when these decisions are not serving us, or the companies for whom we work.

At the same time, we all change through experience: the interconnectedness of life and variability of our paths makes that a given, and these life changes are ripe with learning experiences that should factor into our choices. At the heart of it, every decision we need to make is a point at which we can get curious and make an intentional shift, and we can do it consciously or unconsciously. By bringing attention to micro-decisions, research tells us, we can create what’s called a conscious thought advantage, something that helps us thrive in life.

We can develop the skill to make self-aware, effective, and conscious decisions, and what’s true for people is true for work. When the world of work becomes faster and burdened by more complexity and constraints than ever before, decision-making skill is critical. Giving people space, freedom and permission to make more conscious decisions not only allows them to succeed, it allows for businesses to succeed. Building an intentional future for ourselves is possible. But it takes smaller steps than we may realize, and it’s not something happens to us. It’s something we create.

Eric Termuende, BComm’14, Thought Catalyst, Team Builder, Future Proofer

Eric graduated from the University of Calgary in 2014 with his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Haskayne School of Business following an impactful student life which included an executive role as VP Operations and Finance with the Students’ Union in 2013-14. Eric is a globally-recognized thought leader, author, and speaker on the future of work and building teams that thrive. Eric advises industry-leading organizations, institutions, and associations on future-proofing their teams, talent management, and re-humanizing the workplace. Eric has a deep understanding of the next generation of work and how to attract and retain the right talent. He’s been recognized as a ‘Top 100 Innovator Under 35’, represented Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit, is a former World Economic Forum Global Shaper, TEDx speaker, and his insights have been trusted by global brands and conferences around the world.

Eric Termuende