Current Volunteer Opportunities

Whether you have a few hours to give at a time or want a longer-term role, we have something meaningful for you.

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Opportunity!

Get started by figuring out what kind of volunteer you are, based on your interests and skills. 

(Keep in mind that you may fit into more than one category.)

Are you a...


Your most valued possessions are your relationships. You love being part of a community and building strong connections. Volunteer opportunities for Socialites include: Event-specific roles in Calgary and around the world, Affinity Communities, reunion co-ordinators, and more.



Not that you’d brag about it, but you know a thing or two — and you want to share your knowledge and/or put your skills to good use. Volunteer opportunities for Motivators include mentor, guest lecturer, specialist event support, guest writer and more.



You’re most happy steering the ship, guiding a team and being at the helm of positive change. Volunteer opportunities for Captains include the Board of Directors, committee members, advisory council members and more.



You’re here to celebrate! You love to spread good cheer and congratulations. Volunteer opportunities for Cheerleaders include the Recognition Committee, competition coaches, event support at the Arch Awards and convocation.



You’re quick to ask “Why?” and will keep digging until you find an answer. You’re hungry for knowledge and consider yourself a lifelong learner. Volunteer opportunities for Inquisitives include file reviewer, committees, guest writer and more.






Step 2: Create Your Volunteer Profile

By creating a volunteer profile, you’ll be able to sign up for any current opportunities. If there are no current roles available at the moment, we’ll use the information you’ve provided in your profile to let you know about any upcoming opportunities that we think will be a perfect fit. So please provide as much detail as possible about your interests and why you want to volunteer with UCalgary Alumni so we can connect you to the roles that’ll help meet your goals.

Do you have questions about the UCalgary Alumni Volunteer Program? Email us at