Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to your most common questions

University of Calgary Campus

The Office of the Registrar issues transcripts for University of Calgary students and alumni.

Thanks for staying in touch! You can update your contact details via our online contact update form.

In most cases, the UCalgary email address you had when you were a student will be deactivated one year from the last day of your final semester. If you are an active staff member, access will end at termination date of employment. However, UCalgary alumni are welcome to create their own alumni-exclusive email address.

Departing staff are not eligible to keep their account after termination, regardless of former student or alumni status.

The University of Calgary is deploying multi-factor authentication (MFA) to all faculty, staff, student and alumni email accounts.

Multi-factor authentication protects your account and your data from unauthorized access by requiring anyone with UCalgary credentials to present two methods of authentication:

  •     Something secret that you know:  your password
  •     Possession of a device known to the University:  typically, your mobile device

An alumni card is a UNICARD for alumni and is needed to access services such as book borrowing from the library, off-campus access to a select number of databases, on-campus computers, and the Active Living gym on campus. It is available for all alumni for a $20 fee, $15 of which is added back onto the UNICARD for use on campus. 

Alumni are required to submit a selfie in order to get their UNICARD. Please go through the UNICARD webpage to submit your photo.

The Campus Service Office which issues UNICARDS is located in the main lobby of International House and can be contacted at (403) 220-8300 or  

Please visit our On-Campus Benefits page to learn more about the services and discounts available to alumni.

Alumni can access a select number of research databases and online journals through the university library. Due to the pricing structure of many online academic resources, it is cost prohibitive to extend access to all online databases and journals after graduation.

You can search for fellow UCalgary alumni who live locally by visiting the UCalgary alumni section on LinkedIn and searching for your city under ‘Where They Live’ to filter alumni by region.    

Please be sure to update your contact information to ensure that you receive invitations to UCalgary alumni events held in your area.