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Alumni Email Account

Let your domain name do the talking

UCalgary alumni are now eligible to create an exclusive email account! These accounts are only available to people who are verified alumni of UCalgary, making this a perfect account to use for professional networking and job-searching. 

For detailed instructions on how to create your new account, click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this page to create your alumni email account. Detailed instructions on how to create your account can be found here.  

Alumni accounts are only available to graduates of a University of Calgary degree-granting program.  

Did you use your student UCID to register? If not, please return to the registration page and enter your student UCID number.  

Have you submitted your “Application to Graduate” form? If not, you are not eligible to register for an alumni email account at this time. Once your “Application to Graduate” form has been approved, you are eligible to register for an alumni email account.  

Please also ensure that you entered the correct year of graduation. 

In most cases, the UCalgary email address you had when you were a student will be deactivated one year from the last day of your final semester. If you are an active staff member, access will end at termination date of employment. However, UCalgary alumni are welcome to create their own alumni-exclusive email address.

Departing staff are not eligible to keep their account after termination, regardless of former student or alumni status.

We have created alumni-exclusive email accounts to allow our graduates to stay connected to UCalgary while at the same time abating any potential security and administration risks associated with continued accounts. Retiring these accounts will also allow us to conserve space on the UCalgary server. 

No. When you create the alumni email account, your emails will not transfer from your email account. Please refer to the following instructions on how to export emails from your account.

If you would like to export the OneNote notebooks associated with your account, the best method is to use the Windows desktop version of OneNote. Please find instructions here

You can try searching for keywords such as "account", "registration", "signup", or "confirmation" in your email inbox. These emails are likely to contain information about the services you've signed up for using your UCalgary email. You can also try searching for specific service names or domain names associated with the services you use, and then contact those services to update your contact information.

Yes, you can set up an auto reply message and we recommend you do this as soon as possible. Please use these instructions on setting up automatic replies from a personal account.  

Once your account is disabled, senders will receive a bounce back message stating that the account no longer exists.

Current UCalgary email addresses will stay active for both active UCalgary staff and active UCalgary students. If you are using the account for external work, then you will need to change to a new email account. 

Your alumni email account is perfect for job-hunting and networking because it is only offered to bona fide UCalgary alumni. You can use it personally, professionally, or both! 

Your alumni email account will give you access to Office 365 email ( as well as access to the My UCalgary portal and library resources. 

To maintain your account, you must log into the account once per year. Inactive accounts will be deleted. 

No. UCalgary alumni can sign up for an alumni Office 365 email account for free.

Upon successful registration, an email will be sent to your default email address. Please wait one hour before accessing your alumni email inbox.    

Go to the My UCalgary portal to update your alumni profile, as well as access transcripts, finance, etc.