Existing Affinity Communities

Connect with your fellow alumni! Learn more and discover a common interest with these Affinity Communities. 

Faculty of Arts Alumni Advisory Council

Faculty of Arts Alumni Advisory Council

The Faculty of Arts Alumni Advisory Council supports, enhances and engages alumni. Members have served primarily as ambassadors and advisors to help inform the Faculty of Arts alumni program and recently expanded their work to connect students and alumni through mentorship activities. While their work is primarily in Calgary and area, they do support the faculty’s regional work as appropriate.

Sarah Damberger, BA’13, serves as council chair and is also a member of the Affinity Communities Sub-Committee.

Faculty of Medicine Alumni Advisory Council

Medicine Alumni Advisory Council

The Medicine Alumni Advisory Council represents the various academic programs within the Cumming School of Medicine. It provides leadership and guidance regarding alumni programming, alumni awards and recognition, and, when appropriate, offers feedback and advice to fund development staff working with alumni. The council fosters a positive relationship between alumni, the faculty and UCalgary. This council operates in Calgary with some appropriate regional outreach.

Dr. Elisabeth Woolner, MD’88, director of Alumni Engagement for Cumming School of Medicine, is the council’s chair.

Dinos Women’s Hockey

Dinos Women’s Hockey Affinity Community

The Dinos Women’s Hockey Affinity Community promotes the endurance of UCalgary’s women’s hockey program while fostering a spirit of loyalty and pride among its alumni. With a focus on fundraising and creating sustainability within athletics — as well as increasing visibility of female athletes — the group hosts annual events, including a golf tournament, alumni hockey game, the Crowchild Classic game at the Scotiabank Saddledome, meet-an-greets, and mentoring among current members. The community is currently in talks with the coaching staff of the current Dinos Women’s Hockey Team about joint initiatives (e.g. mentorship).

Andrea Zablonski, BSc’08, is the main contact for this group.

Arts & Culture Alumni

Arts & Culture Alumni Council

The Arts & Culture Alumni Council connects all alumni back to each other — and to their alma
Mater — through their mutual love and appreciation of arts and culture. The council develops high-impact initiatives to engage UCalgary alumni in, and plays a lead role in promotion and recognition of alumni already in, the arts and culture sector. The council works with the university to increase measurable and impactful engagement of alumni through arts and culture that in ways that support the UCalgary as they serve as ambassadors of the university, supporting students and fellow alumni in building connections.  

Katrina Olson-Mottahed, BFA’04, is the council lead. 

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