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Existing Affinity Communities

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Regional Affinity Community


The University of Calgary Alumni Association Hong Kong is a vibrant regional community that connects alumni who reside or work in Hong Kong.  This chapter was established back in the 1970s by a passionate group who wanted to nurture their strong ties to their alma mater. The group continues to create opportunities for social and business networking and encourages alumni to engage locally with those who have shared experiences of UCalgary.
Simon Ng, BSc’79, is the president.

University of  Calgary Alumni Association Hong Kong Facebook Group

The Toronto UCalgary Law Alumni Society (TUCLAS) was established in 2016 to support UCalgary law graduates in the GTA. In a field that can sometimes feel intimidating and challenging to navigate, TUCLAS is here to remind alumni, particularly new alumni, that the UCalgary family continues to support them on their chosen path through professional development, mentorship opportunities and networking and social events.

Miriam Roger, JD'11, is the president.

TUCLAS Facebook Group

Shared Interest

The Dinos Women’s Hockey Alumni Group promotes the endurance of UCalgary’s women’s hockey program while fostering a spirit of loyalty and pride among its alumni. With a focus on fundraising and creating sustainability within athletics — as well as increasing visibility of female athletes — the group hosts annual events, including a golf tournament, alumni hockey game, the Crowchild Classic game at the Scotiabank Saddledome, meet-and-greets, and mentoring among current members.

Andrea Zabloski, BSc’08, is the group chair.

Dinos Women’s Hockey Alumni Facebook Group

The Dinos Women’s Volleyball Alumni Group aims to unify past and present Dinos women’s volleyball players and to create and promote solid mentorship opportunities for current athletes. This group will provide opportunities for networking, events and strengthening cross-generational ties amongst alumni. 

Amanda Moppett-Beatch, BKin’04, BEdP’10, serves as group chair

The Dinos Women’s Wrestling Alumni Group aims to build, foster and maintain lifelong community spirit through alumni engagement by promoting pride, participation, volunteer involvement and philanthropic commitment to the UCalgary Women’s Wrestling Program. This group will provide formalized opportunities for networking, events, and supporting the current varsity women’s team through mentorship and fundraising, as well as strengthening cross-generational ties amongst alumni.

Stephanie Buchan, BED’10, BKin’10, MBA’16, is group chair.

Dinos Women’s Wrestling Alumni Facebook Group

Based on a shared love of volunteerism, the UCalgary Alumni Community Volunteer Impact Group identifies and works with external non-profit and like-minded organizations to develop one-off volunteer opportunities for alumni to perform service in the community. In doing so, the group hopes to reconnect with and strengthen connections amongst alumni, help alumni progress towards personal/professional development goals, and harness the potential of UCalgary alumni as a force for good, wherever they live. 

Reg Tiangha, BSc’04, serves as group chair.

UCalgary Alumni Community Volunteer IMPACT Group Facebook Group

The Cultural Heritage in Mexico Study Abroad Alumni are a group of alumni connected by a shared experience and a passion to help create opportunities for current students.  They aim to bring together alumni of the study abroad program to develop funds, plan alumni events and expand the capacity of the study abroad program for new students.  

Andrew Thomas, BA’19 is group chair

The UCalgary Alumni Gauntleteers Through the Years aims to bring together former Gauntlet staff and volunteers to celebrate their time at the university's independent student publications as well as to help mentor new and recently graduated Gauntlet staff and volunteers, enabling them to build a network while remaining connected to an incredible time in their lives.

Kristy Koehler, BA’20 , serves as group chair

The UCalgary Arts & Humanities in Healthcare Alumni Network includes all individuals with an interest in the intersections of healthcare (medicine, nursing, social work, kinesiology) and any of the arts or humanities or social sciences.  It is geographically based in Calgary but would include UCalgary graduates anywhere in the world.

Tom Rosenal, BSc’67, MSc’70, MD’75, serves as group chair

The UCalgary Black Alumni Network aims connect past, present and future Black Alumni to each other and build a supportive, resourceful and positive network.

Liza Arnason, BA’92, serves as group chair

The UCalgary Alumni Connect Tutoring Group is a dedicated group of tutors aiming to provide free tutoring to K-12 students in Calgary. The group serves students who do not have access to or cannot afford academic support including tutoring and educational resources. We are passionate about reducing financial barriers to education and work towards this goal by matching students one-to-one with tutors throughout the academic semester.


Instagram: @connect.tutoring


Melia Alcantara, BHSc’20; Michael Buie, BHSc’20; Sara Cho, BSc’20, serve as group chairs.

The Sikh Alumni Chapter fosters the inclusion of Sikh alumni, facilitates the engagement of illustrious people towards the University of Calgary, and provides a forum for professional development and philanthropy.

Jay Dhillon, BA’ 18 & Amandeep Kaur Kaler, BA’21, serve as group chairs

Passion led us here

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Faculty or University Based

The Faculty of Arts Alumni Advisory Council supports, enhances and engages alumni. Members have served primarily as ambassadors and advisors to help inform the Faculty of Arts alumni program and recently expanded their work to connect students and alumni through mentorship activities. While their work is primarily in Calgary and area, they do support the faculty’s regional work as appropriate.

Heidi Exner, BA’18, serves as council chair.

The Medicine Alumni Advisory Council represents the various academic programs within the Cumming School of Medicine. It provides leadership and guidance regarding alumni programming, alumni awards and recognition, and, when appropriate, offers feedback and advice to fund development staff working with alumni. The council fosters a positive relationship between alumni, the faculty and UCalgary. This council operates in Calgary with some appropriate regional outreach.

Dr. Elisabeth Woolner, MD’88, director of Alumni Engagement for Cumming School of Medicine, is the council’s chair.

The UCalgary Chancellor’s Club Scholars Alumni Network aims to connect, engage and inspire past Chancellor’s Club Scholarship winners and to encourage current scholars pursuing their undergraduate degrees to engage with alumni.  This network will provide ongoing opportunities for social and professional networking and will promote loyalty and pride amongst its membership.  

Wilma Shim, BSc’07, JD’10 is the group chair

The UCalgary Education Alumni Network: Beyond the Classroom is a network for Werklund School of Education alumni who are applying their degrees in diverse roles outside of the traditional K-12 school system.  This community is a vibrant network of diverse professionals that provides education alumni with a clear connection to the faculty, facilitates professional and personal development opportunities, and recognizes the broad impact that educators have in our communities. 

Jessica Park, BA’11, BEd’13, is the group chair.

UCalgary Education Alumni Network: Beyond the Classroom Facebook Group

Made up of former members of the UCalgary Senate, the Senate Alumni Network connects former senators to one another and to the university. This group of dedicated and passionate individuals aim to uphold the spirit of collegiality that exists among members of the Senate and to promote the university’s reputation and priorities by providing ongoing networking, fundraising and community outreach.

Gord Currie, BA’75, BA’76, BSc’15 and Philip Tuck, Med’86 serve as group chairs.

University of Calgary Senate Alumni Network Facebook Group

Scholars Academy UCalgary Alumni Network is a lifelong community for members of the Scholars Academy Program and provides ongoing opportunities for social and professional networking.  The Network aims to increase inter-generational engagement between Scholars Academy alumni and current Scholars and encourages loyalty, spirit and pride among alumni. 

Alyssa Carruthers, BA’19, is the group chair.

Scholars Academy UCalgary Alumni Network Facebook Group

The Schulich School of Engineering Alumni Council provides ways for alumni to stay connected with the university and with one another. This council aims to be the prime source for Schulich alumni engagement and correspondence by providing desired services and opportunities, running relevant and engaging events, and by increasing active engagement. 

Phil Ivers, BSc’82, BSc’05, serves as council chair.

The UCalgary Graduate College Alumni group brings together like-minded graduate alumni from all disciplines to connect through professional development opportunities that celebrate and share the achievements, research and successes of its members.

Jaclyn Carter, MA’15 and Jason Abboud, BSc’12, BSc’15, MSc’19 serve as group chairs. 

The Faculty of Kinesiology Alumni Network aims to connect and engage with all Kinesiology and Physical Education graduates from the University of Calgary. With the support of the Faculty of Kinesiology, various services and opportunities will be provided to the network.

Wilma Shim, BSc’07, JD’10, serves as group chair.

The Faculty of Law Alumni Network aims to connect and engage with all law graduates from the University of Calgary. With the support of the Faculty of Law, various services and opportunities will be provided to the network.

Wilma Shim, BSc’07, JD’10, serves as group chair.