Embark on a career journey into Cloud Computing and AI

Embark on a career journey into Cloud Computing and AI

Alumni All-Access | Oct. 18 | 12 - 1 p.m. MST

Online (Zoom)

Join UCalgary Continuing Education for this informative webinar! 

The evolution of technology makes its use ever more transparent to people as it becomes more embedded in people's daily activities. The information and communication infrastructures that support such technologies are increasingly complex. Explore how Cloud Computing and AI have emerged as the twin pillars driving innovation, efficiency and competitiveness across diverse sectors. 

Learn about machine learning and AI and the cutting-edge technologies reshaping industries. Discover career pathways in this field. 

Companies are transforming by bringing AI to every application, business process and employee task. In the last 12 months in Canada, there were close to 30,000 jobs in cloud computing and AI.

This mini lecture gives you a taste of our popular course, ICT 904 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals, which is part of Continuing Education’s Cloud Computing Fundamentals micro-credential. Attend this webinar and have an opportunity to receive 40% discount on the full course registration.   

About the Speaker

Dr. Vui Kien Liau

Dr. Vui Kien Liau (he/him)

Associate director (technology programs), UCalgary Continuing Education

Dr. Vui Kien Liau has over 14 years of experience in cyber security, IT and engineering. He has experience as a research engineer, project manager and information security practitioner. Along with his current role at UCalgary, he is a Certified Microsoft Trainer.  

Vui Kien completed his undergraduate degree and Ph.D. in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Liverpool (UK). Vui Kien is passionate about teaching and has taught in a number of universities in the UK, Australia and currently, at UCalgary.