COVID-19 and Animals: What we do and Don't Know About Spread

Original Air Date: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020

When it comes to COVID-19 and animals, we have so many questions: What are the risks of transmission to animals? How should you protect your pet and yourself from the virus? How does it move between species? 

These are just some of the thorny questions that a panel of experts from UCalgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Cumming School of Medicine will address in what’s bound to be a lively discussion. 

Brought to you by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

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Meet the Speaker

Clinical instructor, Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Clinical Science, UCalgary

Dr. Archer joined UCVM in 2015. When she is not teaching clinical skills laboratories at the university she is at her Calgary North Veterinary Hospital — a small animal, 24-hour primary care and emergency clinic. Archer mentors, supervises and assesses fourth year UCVM DVM students at Calgary North Veterinary Hospital as part of their training prior to graduation.  

Associate Professor (Conservation Medicine), UCalgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Senior veterinarian, Calgary Zoo

Dr. Doug Whiteside is a recognized specialist (board certified) in zoological medicine in North American and Europe. He is a strong advocate for animal welfare, is active on several national and international committees, and enjoys the clinical, teaching, and research challenges afforded to him by his current positions. He is a member of the UCVM COVID-19 research group.  

Associate Professor, Cumming School of Medicine, and infectious disease expert

Dr. Jenne has a faculty appointment within the department of Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases and the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Calgary and is continuing his work using intravital microscopy to study the early innate immune response to viral and bacterial infections. 

Professor (Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases) Production Animal Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Herman Barkema, who holds an NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Infectious Diseases, has published more than 300 scientific manuscripts and has lectured all over the world. He leads the UCalgary Biostatistics Centre, the Environment research theme in the Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network, the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative, the Antimicrobial Resistance – One Health Consortium, and UCalgary’s One Health Emerging Cross-cutting Research Theme.

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