Resources for Affinity Communities

Check out our suite of tools that support the various activities and events that Affinity Communities plan throughout the year.

Affinity Communities Tool Kit

Broken out into various sections, our suite of tools will support your group’s various activities and events. This ranges from establishing your leadership and governance model, to event planning, communication and financial management.

See an overview of our resources below. Please contact the UCalgary Affinity Communities Lead to request access to these tools by emailing

Introductory Resources

Whether you’re thinking of starting or have recently launched a new Affinity Community, these introductory tools will help get you on your way:

  • Handbook
  • Program FAQs
  • Application
  • Affinity Community approval process flow chart
  • Diversity and Equity
  • UCalgary Privacy Policy


Leadership and Governance Resources

The following tools will help you establish a strong foundation for your Affinity Communities:

  • Affinity Communities Best Practices
  • Roles and Responsibilities Overview
  • Terms of Reference Template
  • Role Description Template
  • Meeting Agenda Template
  • Goal Setting Template
  • Survey Templates

Programming Resources

These tools will help you plan and execute successful events and programs:

Program Development

  • Pillars of Programming Overview

  • Program Planning Tool Kit:
    • Activity Discovery Brief
    • Activity Checklist Template
    • Activity Programming and Agenda Template
    • Activity Run Sheet Template
    • Day-of Checklist Template
    • Critical Path Template
    • Activity Evaluation Form Template



Risk Management and Insurance

  • Volunteer Registration and Release of Liability of Claims, and Assumption of Risks

  • Oath of Confidentially for University Volunteers
  • Use of Alcohol Policy
  • Occupational Health and Safety


Philanthropic Naming




Financial Management Resources

These tools will help inform your group on best practices around financial management, budgeting and fundraising:


Communication Resources

These tools will help you communicate effectively with members of your group and community while adhering to UCalgary’s identity and brand standards:

  • Social Media Tip Sheet
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and Health and Information Act (HIA) overviews
  • Electronic Communications Policy 
  • UCalgary Visual Identity Guidelines (colours, fonts, acceptable use)
  • UCalgary Editorial Style Guide (places and things, spelling, caps, formatting)


Other Resources

These tools are additional UCalgary policies and procedures that may be beneficial to your group:


For access to any of these documents that are not immediately linked to the resource, please contact our UCalgary Affinity Communities Lead at