Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters

Alumni connection: Phil Robertson, BSc’00, and Sebastian Sztabzyb, BSc’00, are the founders.

Faculty: Schulich School of Engineering

Category: Food and Drink

Region: Calgary

Company information: We’ve been called coffee-obsessed. We won’t deny it.

Welcome to Phil & Sebastian. It’s not so much a business as it is the single-minded pursuit of a better cup of coffee. For the past decade we’ve spent most of our waking hours dedicated to the notion that coffee can and should be better than it is. We’ve travelled the world, pioneered the use of refrigerated shipping containers, co-authored graduate level studies on water, and performed countless other harebrained feats in the service of our obsession. All in the hopes that the cup of coffee we pour today, will be just the tiniest bit better than the one we served yesterday. 

Year established: 2007

Contact information: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter