Peer Review Podcast Episode Archive

Listen to past episodes of the Peer Review podcast and learn more about some of the fascinating alumni we call our own. 

Season 2 Episodes

100: The best of Season 2 Play 

99: Clem Martini always wanted to be a writer Play

98: Chris Olbey believes books are the best technology Play

97: Kevin Davies embraces the art of composting  Play

96: Madam Justice Patricia Rowbotham holds court Play

95: Ian Brodie on Canadian and US Politics  Play | Download

94:  Andrew Buckley shares insights from the gridiron  Play | Download

93: Shannon Murray explores the Calgary Stampede's origins  Play | Download

92: 2016 Calgary Stampede Royalty Play | Download

91: Louisa Ferrel stays true to her brew Play | Download

90: Benjamin Ross Hayden makes big movie on a small budget Play | Download

89: Kodi Hutchinson helps revitalize Calgary’s jazz festival Play | Download

88: Nina Kharey's House of Nonie Play | Download

87: Jasmine Mian's road to Rio Play | Download

86: Jodi Scarlett goes from rags to riches Play | Download

85: Andrew Obrecht rides with a biker gang Play | Download Play | Download

84: Emma Climie studies connection between ADHD and mental health Play | Download

83: Live with Geoff Cumming and Dick Haskayne Play | Download

82: Kandrix Foong’s search for Spock Play | Download

81: Mark Blackwell wants you to think big Play | Download

80: Mike Landry rides Einstein's wave Play | Download

79: Annalise Klingbeil wants to be the first to know Play | Download

78: Laura Lucier's adventures in mission control Play | Download

77: Ian Chiclo, defender of the alternative voice Play | Download

76: Mike Czuba takes flight Play | Download

75: The one and only Dr. Bob Play | Download

74: Aritha van Herk creatively loses her temper Play | Download

73: Lynne Cowe Falls ditches textbook in favour of real-life experience Play | Download

72: Tony Russell and thousands of cat skeletons Play | Download

71: Andrew Rodych explains the role public policy plays in everyday life Play | Download

70: The Future of oil sands Play | Download

69: Jump-Start Your Job Search - Networking Play | Download

68: Suzette Mayr files reports on the world around her Play | Download

67: Breaking bread with John Gilchrist Play | Download

66: Anila Lee Yuen makes newcomers feel welcomed Play | Download

65: The naked truth with Derrick Shirley Play | Download

64: How Kym Boycott became addicted to discovering rare diseases Play | Download

63: Danielle Smith discusses life after politics Play | Download

62: Peer Review live Play | Download

61: Yousef Traya, Bridgeland Market's friendly giant Play | Download

60: Tyler Trafford's Almost a Great Escape Play | Download

59: Wilma Shim does the heavy lifting Play | Download

58: Nancy Moules helps families heal Play | Download

57: Sebastian Sztabzyb engineers a great roast Play | Download

56 C: Kent Hehr, Liberal candidate, Calgary Centre Play | Download

56 B: Stephanie Kot, NDP candidate, Calgary Rocky Ridge Play | Download

56 A: Pat Kelly, Conservative candidate, Calgary Rocky Ridge Play | Download

55: Elizabeth Cannon sets her sights even higher Play | Download

54: W. Brett Wilson redefines success Play | Download

53: Murray Ord helps bring Hollywood to Alberta Play | Download

52: Mary Anne Moser smashes up arts, science, and engineering Play | Download

51: Wayne Harris Jr. helps build a tradition of excellence Play | Download

Season 1 Episodes

50. The best of Season 1 Play | Download

49. Natalie Panek sets her Eyes High Play | Download

48. Sharon Carry’s obsession with student success Play | Download

47. Scott White wants to give you something exciting Play | Download

46. Jodi Willoughby craves something sweet Play | Download

45. Breanne Everett tackles diabetes one step at a time Play | Download

44. Tony Tran strikes a pose Play | Download

43. Dawn Johnston’s pop culture grab bag Play | Download

42. Vern Kimball and the Calgary Stampede Play | Download

41. The 2015 Calgary Stampede Princesses Play | Download

40. Brad Granberg in the disaster zone Play | Download

39. Teaching and learning with Leslie Reid Play | Download

38. Jill Drader, jill of all trades Play | Download

37. Travel back in time with Harry Sanders Play | Download

36. James Fell vs. fad diets Play | Download

35. Rosa Marchitelli goes public Play | Download

34. Lourdes Juan does good for her city Play | Download

33. Heather Yourex’s global health perspective Play | Download

32. Paul Fairie surveys Alberta’s political landscape Play | Download

31. John Fairbairn, the brain behind the brain Play | Download

30. California dreaming with Andrew Pearce Play | Download

29. Elizabeth Anderson discusses her mental illness Play | Download

28. What has Ken Lima-Coelho not done? Play | Download

27. Dive in with Lori Bacon Play | Download

26. Matt Diteljan puts real estate in your pocket Play | Download

25. Murray Falk reflects on 1958 Play | Download

24. Amanda Hehr stars in 50 shades of green Play | Download

23. Get to know Mark Hopkins Play | Download

22. An enlightening conversation with Evan Bahry Play | Download

21. Kate Thompson helps revitalize Calgary’s east end Play | Download

20. Nick Blitterswyk goes green Play | Download

19. Andrew Phung never stops improving Play | Download

18. Todd Hirsch helps make sense of economics Play | Download

17. Dallas Flexhaug stays one step ahead of the lava Play | Download

16. Chad Saunders, champion of community building radio Play | Download

15. Lori Andrews, insanely happy interior designer and photographer Play | Download

14. Eric Termuende bridges generational gap Play | Download

13. Lisa Vlooswyk grips it and rips it Play | Download

12. Patrick Finn, open source thinker Play | Download

11. Matt Masters helps Alberta tell its story Play | Download

10. Aviv Fried is rolling in the dough Play | Download

9. Running with Reed Ferber Play | Download

8. Theanna Bischoff’s double life Play | Download

7. Around the world with David Gray Play | Download

6. Lights, camera, Matt Embry Play | Download

5. Behind the curtain with Vicki Stroich Play | Download

4. Maurice Yacowar throws down the gauntlet Play | Download

3. Kali Taylor and the electric youth Play | Download

2. The sweet life of Alyssa Tilston Play | Download

1. Space travel with Robert Thirsk Play | Download