Thriving at Work: Contributing to a Culture of Respect

Thriving at Work: Contributing to a Culture of Respect

Time: 1 – 1:30 p.m.

Location: Event Centre, first floor

Stream: All-attendee session

Employees expect to be respected in the workplace — and for good reason. Respectful relationships are fundamental to achieving a healthy and positive environment, and are critical to achieving your professional goals.  An ethos of respect results in higher levels of engagement and satisfaction, stronger collaboration and increased productivity. But healthy and respectful workplaces don’t just happen — they are built through our collective contributions. In this all-attendee session, you’ll:

  • explore why respect in the workplace is critical to success;
  • consider the benefits of an inclusive and diverse workforce;
  • learn how to better understand colleagues and what respect and disrespect means to them; and
  • discover how to identify your role in supporting a healthy and respectful workplace culture.

Session Tip:

Consider your role when it comes to respect. We are all responsible for contributing to the well-being of our work environment, and you play an important part in creating and maintaining a healthy and respectful workplace.

Meet the Speaker

Jocelyn Spur

Jocelyn Spurr

Jocelyn Spurr is a talent development consultant with UCalgary. She is passionate about career development and working with people to find an engaging job fit. She has more than 27 years of broad-based business experience including career development, job search, human resources, recruitment, administration, logistics management and international projects. Her career with UCalgary began as a career consultant with the Haskayne School of Business. She ran the Career Education Program for Career Services and later joined the Talent Management team as a sourcing specialist. Jocelyn also provides Respect in the Workplace workshops for faculty and staff. She has been an accredited facilitator with Insights Discovery and The Leadership Challenge, and holds certificates in public relations, emerging leaders, general management and workplace learning.  

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