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With each session of Dig In! we explore various topics in an expert-led breakfast. Whether you were unable to make the event, or you'd just like to dig a little deeper, below are some resources for you to explore:


Dig In! Last Things, First

Leslie Allen, Dr. Lorraine Venturato and Pat Hogan, BEd'82, MEd'88 unpack aging, illness and end-of-life care in this important conversation.

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The Neightbour Effect

Join Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, BComm’93, and the Centre for Newcomers’ Anila Lee Yuen, BSc’06, as we discuss building inclusive, supportive neighbourhoods – one neighbour at a time.

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Planning Your Financial Future

TD Wealth's Michelle Podorieszach, BA’10 and Molly Stogran discuss financial strategies and informed financial decision making in volatile times. 

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Resilient Teacher

The Resilient Teacher

Dr. Kelly Schwartz, MSc’92, PhD’02 and Dr. Carly McMorris, BA’06 discuss the principles of coping and adapting in this school year and beyond.

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Embracing Risk

Vicki Stroich, BFA'99 speaks with venture capitalist Patrick Lor, BA'90, EMBA'01 about embracing risk in uncertain times. 

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professionals conversing

Unpacking Financial Relief Programs for Small Businesses

Matt Peterson, CPA, BComm’07, from True North Accounting digs in to provincial and federal support programs. 

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Caring for Vulnerable

Supporting the Vulnerable While Caring for Yourself

Shelly Qualteri, BA’98, leads an important discussion about mental health.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning 101

James Molloy, JD’17, shares information on estate planning including wills, personal directives and power of attorney.  

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Navigating New Economies

Do we look at money differently depending on what form it takes? What about the impacts of our spending habits on our communities and our environment? Do we think about our values before we spend, or do we spend and then align our spending to what we value?

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The Future of Food

Food waste and food supply are critical global challenges in need of urgent and sustainable solutions. On December 5, we looked at The Future of Food and examined the global dynamics that influence what we eat.

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child and father having screen time

Finding Screen-Life Balance

Social media and our digital devices connect us to family, friends, news and more with a simple swipe of a thumb. However, some experts are speaking up about the down side of being so accessible, and there is growing evidence to support the connection between screen time and our relationships, our ability to focus and our mental health.

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Imposter Syndrome

If you ever thought you’re unworthy of your accomplishments, or kept ideas to yourself at work with fear they won't be taken seriously, you might suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Here’s how to slay it by cultivating a courageous sense of self-compassion.

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Your DNA

Direct-to-consumer DNA services have made genetic testing increasingly accessible over the past decade. But what really happens when you send your DNA samples for testing? And, most importantly, are the risks worth it?

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The Internet of Things

Every day, we share huge amounts of data across countless smart devices to make our daily lives more convenient and efficient. But what is the dark side of the increasingly hyper-connected world we have grown accustomed to? 

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