UCalgary Magazine Fall/Winter 2018

A University Without Borders

Diversity, inclusivity and cultural insights have become critical elements of a university education as the world becomes more interconnected and competitive. 

Wherever Life Takes You

Career advancement, volunteering, life-stage programming, philanthropy and community-building — what motivates you to connect with your alma mater is bound to change throughout your life. 

2018 Arch Awards

What was the pivotal moment that made these five extraordinary alumni swerve down an alternate career path? And how, exactly, did they become such inspirational pioneers in their respective fields of study?


Why are certain Vietnamese subs so cult-worthy; cool classes we wish we had taken; Homestay “parents;” an international summer startup program; highlights of UCalgary president, Dr. Elizabeth Cannon’s eight-year-long “road trip.” 

In the Field

A look-back at UCalgary’s connection to the rescue mission that captured the world; a race against time and the elements to save 12 teenaged soccer players and their assistant coach from a flooded cave in northern Thailand.


What? No cream for his Starbucks coffee? When Graeme Lauber signed up to work at UCalgary’s campus in Qatar (UCQ) he had no idea just how different life would be. Turns out his coffee fixings were the least of his worries. 

Mind & Body

Manners matter in all countries, but cultural missteps can be deal-killers or cause you to miss out on a meaningful connection. Don’t be that person! Use our Top 10 primer on how to avoid making offensive cultural blunders. 

Career Paths

Work in Dakar or Singapore? We chat to alumni who are working in both cities about why they uprooted their lives. From career advice to holiday getaways, their candid accounts may give you pause.

Dropping In

Ever wonder what goes on in a labour and delivery simulation lab? We’re banking on you not knowing the cultural differences of such a lab when it’s at UCalgary’s campus in Qatar.

Out & About

Check out who’s who at the zoo. Enjoy our photo roundup of events, programs and highlights — both on and off campus — where UCalgary alumni have recently connected. 

Where Are We?

Think you know your way around campus? Figure out my cryptic whereabouts in this tricky contest and you could walk away with a $70 gift certificate. 

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