Sept. 8, 2017

Announcing the next recipient of the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship

Congratulations to Bailey Diakow (2017-18 award recipient)
Tours Train Station, Tours, France
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Dear Friends and Supporters of the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship,

We are thrilled to introduce you to the 2017-2018 E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship winner, Bailey Diakow, who is days away from her departure for Tours. Bailey is studying French and Education and aspires to teach French Immersion. She is very excited to have the opportunity to utilize her French in France and expects to learn a lot from her first experience abroad. Originally from Okotoks, this very talented young woman excels as much in music as in academics. She primarily plays the cello but also enjoys piano, bassoon, trombone and flute. She is a lifeguard on weekends and enjoys running.

In June, Bailey, her two sisters and their parents joined the Friends of E. Catherine Barclay in a send-off reception at the Dean’s Office in the Faculty of Arts. The presence of our returning recipient Paola Velasquez made it a symbolic event. Having just returned from her 2016-2017 scholarship year in Dijon, Paola delivered an in-person report on her experience together with a slide show of her time abroad. The twinkle in her eye and confidence in her step left us in awe of the transformational effect that the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship bestows on its beneficiaries. Paola already misses her friends and French food! To be sure, Bailey is reassured of the opportunity that awaits her in Tours this year. Bon voyage Bailey!


E. Catherine Barclay winners and supporters

From left: Federica Gowen, SLLLC; Dr. Elizabeth Ritter, Interim Director, SLLLC; Colleen Packer, CISSA; Jean-Baptiste Roux, Alliance Française; Cassandra Moore, HI Calgary City Centre; Virginia Rayner, CISSA; Bob Knipe, co-founder; Bailey Diakow, 2017-18 recipient and Paola Velasquez, 2016-17 recipient; Dr. Florentine Strzelczyk, Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts; Noelle Diakow, Carole Diakow, Emma Diakow and Darren Diakow; Silvia Rossi, 1990-1991 recipient; Danielle Christensen, Development Advisor.

Evidently the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship is shining brighter, and people are taking notice. In addition to the growing number of supporters and alumni attending our send-off receptions, we had a tremendous response to the University’s “Giving Day” campaign this spring. In April, we raised $12,100 that went directl y and entirel y into the E. Catherine Barcla y Scholarship Endowment for future yea rs. Our matching campaign was answered with incredible support from our community of partners and supporters including the Faculty, the Development Office, the Division of French, the CISSA (Centre for International Students and Study Abroad), past scholarship recipients and their families, scholarship founders and friends. A very big thank you for your continued support of the annual E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship and our efforts to perpetuate this legacy and allow talented students like Paola and Bailey to study in France every year.

On a final note we wish the very best to our Development Office angel, Danielle Christensen, who made a huge impact on the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship. Danielle has moved to Vancouver with her family.

Did you know?

The E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship has benefitted greatly from the generosity of many individuals. We wish to extend our deepest thanks to each of you for supporting this award and for supporting the University of Calgary students as they embark on an adventure around the world.

  • Silvia Rossi (1991)

  • Andrea Jung (1993)

  • Audrey Taylor Bereznicki (2009)

  • Paola Velasquez (2016)

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About the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship

Offered annually to an undergraduate student registered in any faculty at the University of Calgary wishing to pursue studies in France through an official exchange program, for two semesters. Award holders must select courses in which the language of instruction is French.

Fall/Winter minimum GPA and units: 3.2; 24

Apply to the French Centre by March 30

Donor: Friends of E.C. Barclay
Value: $ 7,500

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