July 21, 2022

The department welcomes Dr. Hongzhou Yang

Assistant Professor in Sensing Systems for Navigation and Mapping
Hongzhou Yang
Hongzhou Yang

Dr. Hongzhou Yang has over ten years of academic and industrial experience in navigation and mapping by integrating multiple sensors with various estimation and optimization methods. He obtained his Ph.D. in Geomatics Engineering from the University of Calgary after proposing and developing a novel real-time precise point positioning (PPP) system in 2018. Passionate about autonomous driving, he worked at the Level 4 autonomous trucking company TuSimple and was responsible for the pose estimation and high-definition map generation. Prior to that, he worked at Profound Positioning Inc. for over four years, researching and developing Level 2 navigation products with low-cost GNSS/IMU/Odometer sensors.

Dr. Hongzhou Yang research interests include sensor fusion, localization and mapping, estimation theory, machine learning for navigation, navigation in challenging environment, intelligent traffic system, robotics, and computer vision in pose estimation. He is aiming to explore the power of sensor fusion and machine learning in localization and mapping to improve the accuracy, safety, and reliability of autonomous driving.