Dec. 21, 2017

Professional Development & Career Design

Winter 2018 Course

A new independent study course entitled Professional Development and Career Design will be offered by Dr. Derrick Rancourt during the Winter 2018 term (Thursdays 2-4pm). It is will be opening to 30 science graduate students on a first come first served basis. Because of its professional development focus, the course will be made freely available for post candidacy PhD students. The goal is to help students explore non-academic career options through design- and entrepreneurial thinking, using tools such as storyboarding and informational interviewing.

This course is based upon a biomedical engineering core course that Derrick has been teaching over the past four years. Student feedback has been extremely positive: Just by knowing that they have a future, students become more motivated in their research projects. Have your students contact Derrick ( or teaching assistant Abdullah ( if they are interested.

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