April 4, 2014

Schulich students will benefit from increased provincial funding

Government announces greater access for students in high-demand programs

Under the provincial government announcement, the University of Calgary receives $3.8 million in the 2014-15 budget for 339 additional student seats in high-demand program areas.

More opportunities for students was the message from Premier and Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education Dave Hancock today, as the government announced more details regarding the $32.5 million in additional post-secondary funding announced recently in Budget 2014. The additional funding creates 2,000 new student spaces for the Campus Alberta system, increasing access to high-demand programs in the upcoming year.

“Alberta has one of the best post-secondary systems in Canada but we can always do more to increase access for students and foster collaboration between institutions,” said Hancock.

“That’s why we are creating more spaces so students can get the learning opportunities they want to pursue their dreams and increasing funding to create new programs and stimulate collaboration in the Campus Alberta system.”

“The University of Calgary is pleased that the Government of Alberta is providing target enrolment funding to post-secondary institutions,” said President Elizabeth Cannon. “We thank the government and applaud them for investing in students and the quality of their educational experience. Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, and this funding will help us address increasing student demand and create access in education, engineering, law, social work, and graduate programs in priority areas."

The University of Calgary will receive $3.8 million in the 2014-15 budget for 339 additional student seats in year one in most of our high demand program areas. This funding will grow to $9.6 million at program maturity, funding 1,031 student seats.

The following programs Schulich School of Engineering programs will receive additional targeted funding:

  • BSc Engineering - Technology Diploma
  • BSc Engineering - Chemical
  • BSc-Engineering - Mechanical
  • BSc-Engineering- Oil and Gas
  • MSc-Engineering -Project Management

Highlights of the increased funding include:

  • $11.3 million will be invested in additional access for high-demand engineering, engineering technology, and power engineering programs at six post-secondary institutions. This will create access for almost 1,200 more students in 2014-15 and increase to 2,700 students in these high demand programs by 2017-18.
  • An additional $12.3 million in new or expanded programs at 19 post-secondary institutions. These programs will cover a wide range of disciplines such as social work, occupational therapy, environmental science, and international development. 
  • Program initiatives will enhance learner access through online and distributed
  • delivery models. This will create additional access for 800 students in 2014-15 and grow to nearly 1,900 students in 2017-18.
  • $7 million will be used to invest in one-time and system-wide collaborative initiatives that support all Campus Alberta learners such as the Lois Hole Digital Library and French Language Collaboration Programs.
  • Apprenticeship Technical Training grants were increased by $900,000 to fund additional apprenticeship seats, curriculum enhancements and alternative program delivery to assist apprentices to complete their programs and meet industry demand.

The high-demand programs were chosen based on graduate employment outcomes, employer support, labour market demand and student enrolment.