Oct. 28, 2021

Software Engineering Minor

within Geomatics Engineering
SE Minor withn Geomatics Engineering

The Schulich School of Engineering Faculty Council (EFC) has approved a new undergraduate Minor in Software Engineering to be granted concurrently with its four-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) program in Geomatics Engineering. Pending University’s approval, all current 1st Year Engineering students placed in the Geomatics Engineering Major will have the option to enroll in the Software Engineering Minor.

The Minor includes 5 Software Engineering (ENSF) courses; 3 Geomatics Engineering (ENGO) courses; and a capstone project focusing on Software Engineering applications in Geomatics Engineering.

 The Geomatics Engineering department at the University of Calgary has been an international leader in education and research since its inception in 1979.  Graduates of the geomatics engineering program have traditionally been employable in a diverse range of careers. They work in land and engineering surveying, mapping, airborne and mobile mapping, positioning and navigation for the building sector, defense, mining, oil and gas, remote sensing for environmental management, software development, computer graphics, public utilities, and government. The unprecedented growth of the needs for geospatial information and technologies in our interconnected world has positioned geomatics engineers in front of emerging fields including, the internet of things, unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous robots, intelligent 3D imaging, spaceborne Earth observation systems, big data analytics and beyond. The new Minor in Software Engineering will enhance the current Geomatics Engineering BSc program and will offer our students both the software engineering knowledge and skill set required to excel as professional engineers or researchers and contribute to the societal benefit and common good for Canada and the world.