April 20, 2020

Volunteering became door for endless opportunities, says nursing alumna

Cathy Le, BN’15 shares what delights her about volunteering

To honour National Volunteer Week, we’ll be highlighting a select few of the great volunteers from our nursing community. Throughout the week, expect to hear from nurses and students who manage busy schedules yet still find time for causes close to their hearts.

“I started volunteering when I was an undergraduate student in Emily’s Backyard at the Alberta Children’s Hospital as a way to build my resume and have fun playing with children while I was at it. However, it wasn’t soon after that, that I realized volunteering gave me so much more than just lines on my resume.

Volunteering became the door for endless opportunities — opportunities to give back in a meaningful way, opportunities to build connections with others, and opportunities to learn new things. And it is truly through these opportunities with wonderful organizations (Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, Kids Cancer Care Foundation, NurseMentor, and more) that continues to make me someone who is more grateful and more compassionate every day.”

Cathy Le

Cathy Le

Cathy Le is a registered nurse at the Mosaic Primary Care Network with experience in a variety of programs. She currently works with a multidisciplinary team to support patients that have chronic conditions such as diabetes, and is a case manager in the chronic pain program. Cathy is also known for her role as the first primary care navigation nurse at the Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary.