Where are we?

Magazine  |  Fall/Winter 2019  |  Where Are We?

by Kate Zimmerman

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Here’s what you need to know about me: I’m a connector. Once upon a time, I was the sort that faded into the landscape — you’ve probably barely noticed me forever. Now I’ve got a clear sense of purpose, and that’s to serve as both an anchor and a link.

As of 2017, I started my effort to hold down the fort, but not with defensive cannons — quite the opposite. My drawbridge has been wide open ever since. Come on down! I’m big, bold and beautiful.

A lot of thought went into my production, which isn’t complete; suffice to say, I’m very keen on “work-life balance.” To that end, it wouldn’t be unfair to describe my components as “carefully curated” and certainly “homey.”

I’m a work in progress, quite honestly. Before my reconfiguration began in 2015, I’d been idling for an awfully long time. I wouldn’t say I’m currently on the move, per se, but I’d call myself an up-and-comer.

I’m causing a bit of a stir, in a good way. The things people say about me might make a modest individual like yourself blush. Good-looking? Yep. Inviting? I should hope so! Well-built? Duh! Astute? Absolument! Health-conscious, thought-provoking, entertaining, nurturing, nourishing? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

One of the greatest virtues of my new incarnation — if I may be so bold — is the fact that I hold a broad appeal. It’s not my intention to reject anybody, but instead to welcome all kinds, cradle to grave, or at least cradle to Knowledge Network Partnership.

So what makes me perfect for this neck of the woods? I’m practical, first off. If you value your time, I’m here to help. I anticipate making the university proud, and that’s no small boast. What else do I offer? Convenience. Connection. Trustworthiness.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s focus now on what’s really important. As the proverbial narcissist once said, “But enough about me. What do you think of me?”

Where am I?

So, you think you know me, do you?

Figure out my whereabouts and you could win a $70 gift certificate from the University of Calgary bookstore. 

Magazine  |  Fall/Winter 2019  |  Where are we?

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