Fall/Winter 2019

Fall/Winter 2019

Presidential Perspectives
Fresh angles on how a city
and campus can thrive together

Who Will Help Mom?

Over the next 20 years, Canada’s seniors’ population is expected to grow by 68 per cent and we, as a nation, are not ready. In fact, experts say we are facing a multifaceted economic, social and health-care crisis as our elder population grows. What are our priorities and what is UCalgary doing about the splintered system that exists today?

2019 Arch Award Recipients

Meet six remarkable alumni who are blazing trails across our skies, creating spaces for us to marvel at, championing rights for Indigenous people, leading coalitions of people, innovating new tech platforms and building bridges across global organizations. Although this year’s recipients walked the red carpet at the recent Arch Awards, their stories bear a replay.


How did alumna Susanne Craig, BA’91, Hon. LLD’19 go from being a campus newspaper reporter to winning the Pulitzer; why language is critical, especially in the LGBTQ2S+ community; alumni star in a new movie; what, exactly, is Rococo Punk?

In the Field

Before someone lands a $1-billion deal, you can bet there are a lot of trials, missteps and the occasional breakthrough. Nobody knows that better than Dr. Pere Santamaria, MD, PhD, who traces this journey back to his childhood in the ’60s.

Mind and Body

The relationship between artist and subject is always complex — but what happens when the photographer becomes the subject due to an unforeseen disaster such as a plane crash? Discover what it’s taken for alumna Leya Russell, BA’08, BFA’11 to get back on her feet — literally.


Guest columnist Chris Carlson, MBA’10, takes a deep dive into Canada’s fragmented patchwork of 14 different legislated health acts and comes up questioning the longevity of its structure. Carlson then postulates about who could helm a new innovative solution.

Dropping In

Our main campuses may be physically located in Calgary, but so many research projects, partnerships, satellite campuses and outreach programs span the entire province. Take a look at where UCalgary is making its mark.

Unconventional Paths

Unconventional Paths

Work from your home studio or zip around the world with your massage table? Two alumni share career advice, even their heroes and guilty pleasures. Their tales may just make you question your path.

Alumni Update

Discover what prompted your new president and chair of UCalgary Alumni Association — Helen Sunderland, BMus’87, MBA’92 — to stay engaged with her alma mater.

Where Are We?

Think you know your way around campus and what’s in our backyard? Figure out my cryptic whereabouts in this tricky contest and you could walk away with a $70 gift certificate.

Rococo Punk Project

What began as an Alumni Weekend session has become a stunning photo that now hangs in UCalgary’s Reeve Theatre Lobby. Discover its backstory.

Looking at Sports from the Sidelines

What was a posse of UCalgary alumni doing in Queen Elizabeth High School? Turns out they were shooting a basketball movie, that’s not really about the sport?

What’s in an Acronym?

Labels — we humans use them to make things easier but how much muscle do they really have? An expert on LGBTQ2S+ issues sets the record straight.

The Path to the Pulitzer

Here’s a replay of the chat Susanne Craig, BA’91, Hon. LLD’19, who won a Pulitzer for her investigative work into President Donald Trump’s taxes, had with Chancellor Deborah Yedlin.

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