June 3, 2024

Class of 2024: UCalgary celebrates Inclusive Post-Secondary Education grads

Patrick Weaver and Jeremy Yeboah achieve their academic goals through positive attitude and hard work

This year, graduates of the Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) program at the University of Calgary will walk the stage in recognition of their achievements and the completion of their program.

Patrick Weaver and Jeremy Yeboah are two graduates who will each receive their Certificate of Completion during the university’s convocation ceremonies on June 3. They will proudly wear an IPSE red hood at the ceremony. Congratulations to both Patrick and Jeremy!

Patrick Weaver

A man wearing a pink shirt and glasses

Patrick Weaver

Patrick Weaver’s excitement was obvious when he was asked how he felt about graduating. He did a little happy dance in his seat, accompanied by a smile as wide as the UCalgary arch.

“I’m so excited to graduate,” said Weaver. “I [feel] so confident and I’m ready to move on with my life.” 

Weaver has been at the university for the last five years. He described the incredible amount of work it took to complete his studies, two classes per semester. When he faced academic challenges, he said he kept a positive attitude knowing he would always try his best. 

A key to learning and getting the most out of his studies was to try things on his own as much as possible, without the help of his facilitator. This made learning more effective for him and gave him more confidence.

“I felt like I belong here,” said Weaver. “I really liked my university experience with nice students and professors. I’ve learned so much within my classes and just got to explore campus life.”

In addition to his studies, Weaver held a part-time position in his home community and volunteered and competed nationally at the Special Olympics.

Jeremy Yeboah

A man with glasses and a patterned button down

Jeremy Yeboah

With his high school graduation interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the many years of schooling at university between then and now, Jeremy Yeboah is eagerly looking forward to a proper graduation ceremony.

“I’m relieved and excited to walk the stage,” said Yeboah, who will receive his IPSE Certificate of Completion. “I had fun on campus, talking, hanging out with friends, buying food and working here. [I have] so many memorable experiences.”

Yeboah completed the IPSE program in four years after taking up to two classes per semester. He reflected on his early days at the university and how he found it so challenging. According to Yeboah, it was all a question mark at the beginning, and his shyness was a barrier.

As he slowly began to get involved in campus life, everything from prayer and volunteerism to workshops on many topics, he grew both personally and academically becoming more independent and confident.

At the end of his university life, a new optimistic individual has emerged, one who is determined to make the most of any opportunity.

“Whatever opportunity is presented, give it your all, and be glad you participated,” said Yeboah, when asked what advice he’d give to new students.

Yeboah’s education has helped him get his first job. He started working for the Dinos part-time in his last semester. This experience has helped him focus in on customer service as a possible career choice.

The IPSE program provides individuals with developmental disabilities a university experience and support as they transition to employment. Students take two university courses each fall and winter semester for up to five years. An IPSE facilitator supports each student through their studies, but the students are empowered to work as much as they can on their own. The program has been working with the University of Calgary since 1992 to create positive inclusive spaces in the community.

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Graduates, as you prepare to transition away from student life, we'd like to also welcome you into the UCalgary alumni community. Learn about the programs, benefits and services available exclusively to UCalgary grads, and be sure to keep in touch.

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