Dec. 11, 2023

Continuing Education Offers Diverse Range of Courses to Alumni Community

How UCalgary associate professor and alumni benefited from the program.
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From digital marketing and public relations to project management and leadership, UCalgary's Continuing Education courses cater to a variety of professional needs and personal interests.  

As a leader in continuing and lifelong learning, the University of Calgary Continuing Education program offers learners an opportunity to broaden their horizons through certificates, digital badges, and diplomas. Designed with flexibility and accessibility in mind, all of the courses offered aim to provide an avenue for lifelong learning and the pursuit of new skills and knowledge. 

The department also prides itself on its commitment to community involvement. Many courses facilitate partnerships between learners and local run businesses, including alumni built businesses, or community groups, providing hands-on experience and fostering a rich exchange of knowledge. Starting in January, Alumni Engagement is excited to partner with Continuing Education, offering a 15% discount to UCalgary Alumni on eligible course fees.  

In the spirit of UCalgary's motto, "Start something", Continuing Education courses inspire the alumni community to take initiative, be resourceful, and learn from experience.

"Continuous learning empowers our community at all stages of their lifelong learning journey,” says Sheila Leblanc, Associate Vice-President of Continuing Education. “It’s a truly rewarding experience to be able to offer continuing education for our alumni and our community as we continue to expand our resources to support lifelong learning."

Stacey Page

Stacey Page, BSc’90, MSc’93, PhD’02

Whether you're looking to advance your career, start a new enterprise, or simply indulge in a personal interest, UCalgary's Continuing Education courses offer an enriching and rewarding experience.  

To get a first hand look at how Continuing Education has benefited our alumni, we met with recent graduate of the program Stacey Page, BSc’90, MSc’93, PhD’02.  

Stacey, a UCalgary alumni and Associate Professor in the Community Health Department at Cumming School of Medicine earned her Certificate in Visual Design specializing in Art Theory and Practice. 

The Certificate in Visual Design is perfect for members of the UCalgary community working in a visually creative field looking to add to their resume. The program aims to give learners a basic understanding of design principles and valuable practical knowledge through 250 hours of flexible courses.  

“As someone interested in the visual arts, the range of courses and caliber of instruction was amazing.” says Stacey of her time in Continuing Education, “The classes were typically held once weekly in the evenings, making them easy to attend while working full time.  It was nice to meet other people who had the same interests.” 

When asked if she would recommend a Continuing Education course to other alumni, Stacey was more than happy to encourage others to take advantage of the program. 

“Absolutely! The Continuing Education offerings at the university are extensive and cover so many different topics for a wide variety of people looking for additional education. It is a great way to develop areas of interests or explore new directions. Completing the certificate program was very satisfying and I would recommend it to any alum who wish to add to their resume

As members of the UCalgary alumni community, a 15% discount is offered to those interested in Continuing Education. Learn more about this discount here. View all courses available through Continuing Education here.