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Webinar: Conversations with a Career Coach

Navigating the do’s and don’ts of career planning and job search can be confusing and if you have questions about it, you are not alone.

Join UCalgary Alumni’s resident career coaches for the first of a new series of discussions on the big topics in career development. This webinar will be an open format where we invite you to ask our coaches Kelly and Brian your burning career questions. They will provide candid answers and suggest tools and resources to get you where you need to be.

You questions and feedback will also help shape future webinars to meet your needs.  We look forward to having you join us to talk about:


  • Resumes and cover letters (incl. profile statements, different formats, what’s new)
  • Networking and LinkedIn (best networking channels, writing an effective LI profile)
  • Personal branding (standing out from the crowd, tools, resources)
  • Interviews and negotiation (how to answer common questions, navigating a job offer)
  • Trends in the Alberta economy and how to differentiate yourself


Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Time: Noon – 1 p.m.
Cost: Free

Meet the speakers:

Brian Palmer

Brian Palmer, BComm’06 is a leadership and career coach with more than 14 years of experience in the consulting and energy industries. He currently offers career coaching as part of the teams at UCalgary Alumni and Creative Coaching. Throughout his career Brian has recruited and coached professionals in a variety of industries including engineering, business, geosciences, IT and HR. In addition to coaching Brian has also held roles as a compensation analyst, recruiter, and talent management advisor. He has helped more than 600 individuals break through and advance their careers. Brian holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from the University of Calgary, a Professional Coaching Certification through the International Coaching Federation and is a Leadership Circle Practitioner.

Kelly Gallant

Kelly Gallant, MEd’19, is a career specialist at UCalgary, supporting social work students with their career planning and development, in addition to offering career coaching as part of the UCalgary Alumni team. Kelly is also a CliftonStrengths facilitator at the university and employs a strengths-based approach when providing career guidance. Outside of UCalgary Kelly is also the founder of Kelly Gallant Consulting; offering workplace training and development to organizations, as well as personal and professional development for individuals, groups and teams. She is a proponent of positive psychology and incorporates ideas, theories and strategies in her approach to career development with a goal of fundamentally moving individuals towards a place of positive and holistic wellbeing. Kelly holds a Masters of Education from the University of Calgary in Adult Education, Work and Learning.

Carol Wert

Carol Wert, Associate Director, Alumni Career Development with UCalgary Alumni has been a proud employee of the university since 2006. Her career with the university started in student services, supporting students in their career development and eventually leading a team of career development specialists in the university career centre. Since moving to the UCalgary Alumni team in 2016 she has led the charge in creating a thriving career program for alumni. She is a Certified Career Development Professional (CCDP) and a Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) with more than 20 years of experience in career development and coaching. She is inspired by the potential of others and considers herself fortunate to work closely with individuals to help them achieve their goals and pursue what is meaningful to them.

Past Webinars

Succeed in your career with these expert tips and advice 

Arranged by a variety of topics, our career resources can help you advance in the workforce — no matter if you’re looking for new opportunities or want to advance in your current career.

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Man working on laptop in front of window

Intellectual Engagement in the Workplace

Are you “100% in” at work? When people are motivated and interested in their work, given the freedom to explore, feel like they are making a contribution and have a sense of belonging to an organization, they are engaged in their work. 

Webinar and resources »

Smiling woman at in a co-working space

Building a Meaningful Career

Self-awareness and reflection are key aspects to your ability to construct the right career path — knowing who you are and what is truly important to you will always help you as you find your next ventures. Learn tools for this self-reflection with this webinar.

Webinar and resources »

Professionals in a busy office environment

Thriving at Work

Respectful relationships are fundamental to achieving a healthy and positive workplace environment and critical to achieving our professional goals. Join this webinar to learn how you can contribute to a respectful and thriving workplace.

Webinar and resources »

Group of young professionals at a networking event

How to Network like a Pro

When you network effectively, you increase your chances of identifying meaningful opportunities and gaining valuable industry insights. Join this webinar to learn all you need to know in order to network like a pro!

Webinar and resources »

Young professionals shake hands

Negotiation Skills

As more employers come to expect this skill as a valuable workplace competency, being able to negotiate is crucial in today’s competitive market. Learn about the necessary mindset, as well as strategies for negotiating at different stages for career development and job search.

Webinar and resources »

young professionals collaborating on a project

Career Resilience

Building career resilience puts you in the driver seat to successfully navigate the growing uncertainty of the future of work! Learn about the key principles in enhancing resilience so you will thrive and adapt proactively in your career, despite ongoing change.

Webinar and resources »

young professional woman leads a meeting in a boardroom

Intercultural Competence

One way to stand out in the workforce is to develop your skills towards inclusion. This webinar introduces a four-step model on how to engage and develop your intercultural competency, which is the capability to accurately understand and adapt behaviour to cultural differences and commonality.

Webinar and resources »

young woman interacting with friends

Emotional Intelligence

The influence that emotions have on your career is increasing, with the World Economic Forum listing emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 skills that employers will require by 2020. Discover how emotional intelligence can help you stand out in the workforce and start developing this skill set today!

Webinar and resources »

two generations of professionals interact in a meeting

The Future of Work

Even though the uncertainty of today’s career landscape presents many challenges, it also offers the great opportunity to to carve your own career path through purposeful design that facilitates your lifestyle.

Webinar and resources »

professional reading book on an e-reader

Grow Your Career E-book

Download our e-book for five expert tips that will help you stand out when job-hunting.

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man giving presentation on dimensions of well-being

Workplace and Career Wellness

Discover how to create a positive and consistent state of career well-being — including the state of your physical, emotional, social and financial wellness.

Webinar and resources »

two young professional women talking

Power of Mentorship

Discover how mentorship can advance your own leadership development in the areas of career and professional development, either as a mentor or as a mentee.

Webinar and resources »

arm of a professional

Decoding Job Interviews

Decode the job interview with these five tips. Discover how to prepare effectively for the interview, increase your confidence and set yourself apart from other candidates.

Webinar and resources »

woodworking utensils

Transferable Skills

Learn how to gain clarity and insight into what are your transferable skills and learn strategies to communicate them with ease.

Webinar and resources »

woman at a crossroad

Embracing Career Transition

Career transition is a normal part of career development. These tools will enhance and streamline your experience, no matter if you’re considering a career change or looking to remain competitive within your current career path.

Webinar and resources »

woman working on laptop

Leverage LinkedIn

These resources will help you understand how to utilize the world’s largest professional networking site to increase your visibility, make more connections and stand out.

Webinar and resources »


Resumes and Cover Letters

Gain a competitive advantage when job-hunting! These resources will help you create a winning resume and cover letter that’ll get you noticed.

Webinar and resources »


Alternatives to Academia

These resources will help master’s and PhD graduates assess and explore career options when pursuing alt-ac or non-academic careers.

Webinar and resources »

woman drawing on a large canvas

Value of Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to develop skills and competencies, gain valuable work experience, explore career options, and build confidence.

Webinar and resources »

measurement tool

For Engineering Grads

The engineering market is competitive and in flux. These resources will help you learn how to navigate the new economy by better positioning yourself in the face of ongoing social and economic changes.

Webinar and resources »

professional woman drinking coffee

For Arts Graduates

Discover how you can leverage and effectively communicate the diversity of your Arts degree skills, experiences and training as you explore and apply for careers.

Webinar and resources »

woman running a coffee shop

Successful Self-Employment

Be the boss you want to be — your own boss! UCalgary Alumni has partnered with the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking to give you the tools to confidently make the leap into self-employment.

Webinar and resources »